Learn how the VOXEL Token will be distributed and used in Voxie Tactics

VOXEL Tokens (VOXEL) are an ERC-20 cryptocurrency token. They can be earned by playing the Voxie Tactics game in various game modes, as outlined in the previous sections of this whitepaper. VOXEL Token holders will be able to redeem their VOXEL Tokens for in-game items in the Voxie Tactics marketplace (weapons, armor, consumables, etc.). Holders will also be able to craft items using their tokens and consumable items, as well as use the VOXEL Token to pay entry fees to the Voxie Tactics PvP arenas.

Token Distribution

There will be 300,000,000 VOXEL tokens in total and they will be distributed into the follow categories:

CategoryVOXEL Token AmountPercentage of Total Tokens

Play-to-Earn Rewards

(Q1 2022 – Q4 2027)



Voxie NFT Community

Token Distribution

(Aug 2021 – Jan 2022)



Initial Public / Private Sale



AlwaysGeeky Games



Advisory Board



Ecosystem & Growth Fund



Play-to-Earn Rewards and Economy

50% of the VOXEL Token allocation will be reserved for in-game rewards when completing quests in exploration mode, and for rising up tiers in the PVP arenas. This allocation is meant to stabilize the Voxie Tactics economy as it grows in the initial release of the game. These allocations will be supplemented and eventually replaced by a percentage of fees earned by AlwaysGeeky Games from Voxies in-game marketplace transactions and Arena entry fees. Tokens will be released according to a set schedule spread out over 5 years, and will scale with the playing community. VOXEL Tokens earned through the Play-to-Earn allocation will be immediately open for use in game, as well as in trading both in game and on the external markets. The AlwaysGeeky Games team will monitor the situation closely to decide whether a 'lock-up period' on earned rewards are needed, depending on overall economy fluctuations.

Voxie NFT Community Token Distribution

To show our appreciation to early supporters of the Voxies NFT project, AlwaysGeeky Games allocates a weekly allotment of VOXEL Tokens to our holders across 24 weeks, based on how many Voxie NFTs a person owns each week. This distribution method is designed so that early players will have some of our utility tokens as liquidity to use in our in-game economy as soon as the game releases.

Once a week, a snapshot of overall ownership is taken across all unique wallets, and VOXEL Tokens are airdropped to those wallets. Multipliers are applied to all earnings based on the overall rarity of owned Voxies; this rarity attribute is set in the NFT meta-data.

Rarity multipliers are as follows:

  • 1x for Common Voxies

  • 1.5x for Uncommon Voxies

  • 2x for Rare Voxies

  • 3x for Epic Voxies

  • 5x for Legendary Voxies

  • 15x for Godly Voxies

The full community VOXEL Token distribution schedule can found at https://voxies.io/voxel-token/

Please check the https://voxies.io/wallet website for your current token allocation amount, and estimations for the future weekly allocation.

Initial Public / Private Sale

AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. will be launching a VOXEL Token sale ahead of the initial Voxie Tactics game release. This will represent 15% of all total VOXEL Tokens in distribution and will help inject capital into our economy for the start of the game release.

The initial dates and distribution methods for the VOXEL Token sale will be announced in the near future in our community Discord, on social media and other communication platforms. Stay tuned for more information on the initial public listing!

AlwaysGeeky Games

AlwaysGeeky Games is the video game company behind Voxie Tactics and other future cryptocurrency and blockchain-powered play-to-earn projects. These tokens will be used to incentivize the team and enable growth. Company token allocations are put into a vesting schedule and released periodically over 6 years. This is in accordance with standard practices for start-up companies with a 6 year vesting schedule for their core team.

Advisory Board

AlwaysGeeky Games has engaged with thought leaders from different industries across the NFT world, traditional gaming, social media, and more. We have assembled this advisory team to consult on KPIs for the Voxies project and Voxie Tactics game to ensure that we achieve all deliverables on our roadmap. We will also be leveraging their expertise in building a successful start-up company, as well as in brainstorming for new exciting features and content for AlwaysGeeky Games properties, starting with Voxie Tactics. Any excess funds not used toward the advisory board in the first 3 years will be rolled over to future advisors after 2024.

Current List of Advisors as of November 2021 are:

  • Justin Taylor – Head of Consumer Marketing for Twitter (former head of Social and Marketing at Activision).

  • Jeff Pabst – Chief Revenue Officer of FaZeClan.

  • Bored Elon – Crypto Influencer and Blockchain Gaming Specialist.

  • Shreyansh Singh – Head of NFT and Gaming at Polygon.

Ecosystem / Growth Fund

The ecosystem fund will be managed by the AlwaysGeeky Games management team and board, and its core purpose is to grow the Voxie Tactics community.

We will be using the funds for the following types of activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Rewarding and hiring extended team members (non-core team) such as third-party contractors and player ambassadors.

  • Providing the community with giveaways and rewards on social media or by way of contests.

  • Bonuses to non-core team members, such as our discord moderators.

  • Incentives for other community members outside of the team as rewards for outstanding community engagement and support.

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