Exploration Mode

Explore the world of Voxie Tactics

The exploration mode is presented as a story-driven experience that will allow players to freely explore the world of Voxie Tactics and encounter many different adventuring experiences as they uncover the backstory of the game and explore its vibrant world. There are many hidden surprises to uncover as you play and explore, and multiple different ways you can approach different problems you will undoubtedly encounter in the world. We look forward to players exploring the world we have created for Voxie Tactics and uncovering the mysteries contained within.

In Exploration mode, players will traverse multiple locations and play through questlines to explore diverse biomes, monsters and NPCs (non-playing characters). Players will be taking part in battles against computer-controlled monsters and villains to earn VOXEL Tokens and NFT item rewards.

Different Biomes

We plan to expand the Exploration mode of Voxie Tactics as we grow the world and ecosystem, continually bringing new experiences and exciting new places for players to explore. Some of the exciting and vibrant biomes that will be available in Voxie Tactics include:

  • Grassy Hills

  • Desert

  • Snowy Tundra

  • Swamps

  • Volcanic Mountains

  • Cybernetic Realm

  • Underground Caverns

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