How to defeat your foes

Battling in Voxie Tactics takes the form of turn-based actions, with Voxies moving and taking actions one after the other. Which Voxie character will go first and the general move order are calculated based on each Voxie's statistics as well as other factors in the game. Therefore, it is important to understand the flow of battle to be able to defeat your foes.

Turn Phases

During each Voxie's turn, there are 3 types of actions a Voxie can take:

  • First, a MOVE action – This action allows Voxies to traverse the battle map and position themselves strategically to allow for better combat advantages.

  • Second, an ACTION – This will usually take the form of an attack, a special ability or a spell to gain an advantage during battle. However, there are some exceptions (such as defending, or other "special" abilities).

  • The EQUIP action can be used to switch a Voxie's equipment (armor and weapons) in the middle of a battle. However, this uses up the Voxie's action phase, so they cannot attack in the same turn after switching equipment.

Note: Unlike equipment, Voxies cannot change their companion pets in the middle of battle. Whichever pet a Voxie decided to take into battle with them has to remain with them for the full duration of the battle.

There is a turn order toggle in the Options menu that can be used to consult the turn order of the Voxies in battle. This turn order queue will also indicate any skills or actions that are queued up and waiting to be executed.

Facing Direction

During combat, all Voxies face in one of four cardinal directions: north, east, south, or west. The facing direction of a Voxie affects a number of different aspects of battle and have an impact on how successful combat moves can be. For example, melee attacks have a much higher chance of hitting when done from behind, a slightly higher chance of success from the sides, and finally the lowest hit percentage when attacking from the front.

At the end of a Voxie's turn (movement and action phases), the player has the option of choosing which direction the Voxie will face before the next character's turn. Carefully choosing the best facing direction will give a Voxie greater combat advantages.

Damage Types

A number of different damage types and status effects can be applied during battle. The most basic distinction between damage types is that attacks are either MELEE attacks, RANGED attacks, or MAGICAL attacks. Melee attacks must be carried out when directly adjacent to a Voxie, with the disadvantage that the enemy can immediately counter them with a counter-attack. Ranged attacks are carried out over a distance and generally cannot be countered by the target. Finally, magical attacks are special skills and abilities that are "cast" by Voxies.

Many attacks and abilities are linked to an element in the game. These elements augment your attacks and can be useful for doing additional damage or applying special after-effects to a target. An example of some of the elemental types in the game are:

  • Fire

  • Ice

  • Lightning

  • Poison

  • Holy

Various status effects can drastically change the outcome of a battle, so players should watch out for these. To become a master of the deep tactical gameplay in Voxie Tactics, understanding the different status effects and how they can alter a battle is paramount. Some examples of status effects are:

  • Haste – Makes Voxies have their turn phase quicker.

  • Stop – Stops Voxies from moving and taking actions for a certain number of turns.

  • Stone – Petrifies a character and turn them to stone.

  • Regen – Applies a beneficial buff that heals periodically.

  • Frozen – Encases a target in pure ice, stopping them from acting; any damage shatters the ice.

  • Confusion – Causes a target to randomly move and attack.

  • Sleep – Puts a target to sleep until they are awoken to fight again.

Charging Attacks

Certain attacks and abilities in Voxie Tactics are not instant and take a number of turns to "charge". Obvious examples of this are powerful mage spells, or physical skills that the Voxie needs time to prepare. Players can see the turn time of a spell or ability when choosing which spell to cast or which ability to select during the ACTION phase of the turn.

Any skill or spell that takes more than 1 turn to execute will be added to the turn queue. When they reach the top of the queue, the effect of the spell or skill will execute. Some spells can be cast either on a targeted character or a map tile. When casting a delayed spell that will take a number of turns to execute, players must be careful to check that the target will still be in the area of effect when the spell will execute.


Certain terrain features and tiles on the map have an impact on the actions that a Voxie can perform. They can also hinder the movement of a Voxie, as well as modify the statistics of actions. A good example of this is that when a Voxie is standing below another character, or on lower terrain, they will usually suffer a penalty when fighting a Voxie on a higher tile. Another example is the existence of elemental enhancements for standing on different types of terrain tiles.

Winning Conditions

Each battle in Voxie Tactics has a victory condition that must be satisfied to win the battle. In the most obvious situation, the player will need to defeat all opposing team members to win the battle. However, there are a number of more complex winning conditions that the player must satisfy for certain battles. Some examples are as follows:

  • Defeat all enemies.

  • Defeat a "boss" enemy character.

  • Survive a certain number of turns without being defeated by the enemy team.

  • Rescue an NPC character from enemies.

  • Reach a certain point on the map with your party.

This list is not exhaustive, and there may be additional victory conditions that the player will discover when playing Voxie Tactics. It is also important to remember that there are some "instant loss" conditions as well, which will cause the player to automatically lose the match if they are met.

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