Legal Disclaimer

The purpose of this Voxie Tactics whitepaper is to educate the reader regarding how the Voxie Tactics game will function and how potential players can earn VOXEL tokens and NFTs within the game. It is meant to make participants aware of our plans at AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. for Voxie Tactics and the VOXEL Token, including how players will earn rewards, enjoy different game modes and use the marketplace.

The whitepaper is for informational purposes only and does not represent a commitment by AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. to any current or future functionality of the game or the VOXEL Token documented in this whitepaper. This whitepaper is not soliciting readers to purchase VOXEL Tokens. The reader understands and acknowledges that by purchasing the VOXEL Token, they are taking on significant risk, and that the token may have no value in the future for a variety of reasons. No purchases of the VOXEL Token will be refunded or exchanged by AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. should purchasers become disenchanted with their acquisition or incur financial loss. There is no guarantee that the utility of the VOXEL Token will meet the reader’s expectations. Do not purchase VOXEL Tokens with funds that you cannot afford to lose. Purchasers of our token assume all risks pertaining to any potential loss of value from the time of purchase, and recognize that the token’s realized functionality may never achieve the proposed functionality documented in this whitepaper.

By purchasing VOXEL Tokens, you are in agreement that there is no recourse against AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. for any losses incurred, and that no claims, actions, judgements or remedies may be brought against AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. in the event that the VOXEL Token loses value, the Voxie Tactics game ceases to function, or the game does not meet your expectations. If you have any hesitation about acquiring VOXEL Tokens due to this disclaimer or any legal notices contained within them, or if you have concerns about loss of money or value from your purchase of the VOXEL Tokens, then AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. would strongly recommend you do not purchase any VOXEL Tokens. We recommend you consult your appropriate legal, financial, fiscal and any other professional advisors before making any purchases associated with the VOXEL Token or any other Voxie Tactics assets. AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. cannot provide the readers of our whitepaper with any foregoing advice. AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. would strongly encourage you to consider independent legal advice on whether or not your jurisdiction will legally allow you to purchase the VOXEL Token. VOXEL Tokens are not securities or shares of any kind, and they do not provide VOXEL Token holders with any ownership or voting interest in AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. The VOXEL Token exists only as a utility to transact inside the Voxie Tactics game and ecosystem, and does not represent an investment. There are no promises nor guarantees that they will increase in value. The VOXEL Token’s initial value is that it is usable within the Voxie Tactics game.

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