Switching Classes

Changing between different Voxie classes

For a nominal VOXEL Token fee in the Voxie Tactics marketplace, players will be able to switch the in-game class for their Voxies. The class change functionality will unlock after reaching certain level milestones. The new class will replace the one currently assigned to the Voxie in game and they will have access to the skills and abilities for the new class.

Note: The source Voxie NFT will never change its meta-data and will be traded or sold to other players with the Voxie's original class.

Example: A player owns a Knight class Voxie. Once this Voxie character hits certain level milestones (lvl 5, lvl 10, lvl 15, and lvl 20) the owner decides to pay a VOXEL Token fee to change their Knight to the Warrior class. After the class change, the Voxie is represented as a Warrior within the Voxie Tactics environment. However, if the player decides to sell this Voxie on the secondary market, it will be sold as a Knight.

Class changes in Voxie Tactics are limited to certain groupings. This is to ensure a fair balance and stable population of classes across the game and player base. Classes are restricted to the following groupings for the purpose of class changes:

Magic Users

  • Black Mage

  • White Mage

  • Priest

  • Necromancer

Front-Line Fighters

  • Squire

  • Knight

  • Warrior

  • Ninja

Utility Characters

  • Ranger

  • Monk

  • Bard

  • Druid

  • Thief

Other Classes

  • Robots – Cannot change class

  • Monsters – Cannot change class

Special Classes

No other character class can change into the special classes, and these special classes themselves cannot change into other classes:

  • Time Mage

  • Samurai

  • Chemist

  • Pirate

  • Hawknight

Only Voxie NFTs are eligible for classes changes. Free-to-play Voxie characters that players recruit in the game will not be eligible to change classes. Therefore, if a player wants to play with a certain class in the game, but doesn't posses this class directly with their owned Voxies, they will need to find and recruit the specific class to play them.

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