What are Voxies NFTs

How Voxie NFTs enhance the Voxie Tactics experience

The Voxie NFT project consist of 10,000 genesis Voxie characters with 20 classes, 10 races, 20 Companion types, countless physical attributes and multiple weapons, items and visual cosmetic elements. No two Voxie in the NFT series are the same.

Player owned Voxies provide an enhanced playing and earning experience beyond the Free to Play aspects of the Voxie Tactics game and enhance the player experience in the following ways:

  • Higher rate of in-game rewards (NFT items and VOXEL tokens) through improved RNG (Random Number Generation) in Exploration mode.

  • Having access to certain weapons and items already contained in the NFT token.

  • Some Voxies in the NFT series have a companion pet already included, so will not need to find a companion pet in the game to help with certain gameplay elements.

  • Some rarer Voxie NFT classes and races will only be available to Voxie NFT holders.

  • The original 10,000 Voxie NFTs will be the only ones that can mint (e.g. create) new next generation Voxie NFTs.

You can find the full list of Voxie NFT classes at https://voxies.io/classes/ and races at https://voxies.io/races/.

A player is NOT required to own a Voxie NFT character in order to play either the exploration mode or the PVP arenas. Free to Play players can even earn rewards!.

More information on how players earn rewards and the impact of Voxie NFTs on a player's ability to earn in Voxie Tactics can be found in the section Earning and Rewards.

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