Earning and Rewards

Earn fabulous and valuable rewards and VOXEL tokens

Players will earn VOXEL Tokens and NFT item drops at random as they complete quests in the Exploration mode and while out exploring the world. In general, the harder the quest and the more difficult the encounters are during Exploration mode, the more rewards a player will be eligible for. Several other factors also influence the amount of rewards a player will receive in Exploration mode, such as the pirate passive ability to find more treasure, or various pets that enhance the Exploration mode experience. Different biomes will also have reward opportunities unique to each location. This could mean that certain rewards are only available in specific biomes, or even that rewards are balanced differently for each biome.

Some of the biomes that will be available in Voxie Tactics are as follows:

  • Grassy Hills

  • Desert

  • Snowy Tundra

  • Swamps

  • Volcanic Mountains

  • Cybernetic Realm

  • Underground Caverns

There is also a centralized Hub World, which will act as the main entry point into the various biomes in the Voxie Tactics world. Several NPCs will guide players on various adventures, providing help and assistance to new players.

Reward Modifiers

Depending on which Voxie NFTs are used during Exploration mode and battles, players will be able to earn different rewards. For example, there are several modifiers to the reward tiers and mechanics. The following aspects will influence rewards:

  • Voxie Rarity – Higher rarity will have a higher reward rates.

  • Voxie Stats – Luck stat will have a small impact on reward rates.

  • Equipment – Such items as the Diamond, Doge Coin, Coin, and Trophy will have a small impact on reward rates.

  • Companion Pets – The Mini-Dragon companion exploration ability "Hoard Gold" has a small impact on reward rates.

  • Class Abilities – Pirates get a multiplier on reward rates.

  • A player's Ranking – Tier and ELO score in the Extreme Arena will affect reward rates.

Earning in Battles

During the turn-based battles that take place in Voxie Tactics, a player can earn rewards for securing victories.

The difficulty tier of the battle, along with reward modifiers, will determine the overall RNG rate influencing the rewards that a player will receive.

There are numerous victory conditions for battles, such as:

  • Defeat all enemies on the map.

  • Defeat a particular enemy, or "boss" on the map.

  • Rescue a named NPC on the map.

  • Survive a certain number of turns without the whole party being knocked out.

  • Reach a certain location with all characters alive.

Once players successfully complete a battle, they are given a summary report outlining any rewards received, including both NFT items and VOXEL Tokens. After the battle reward summary screen, rewards are received directly in the account wallet.

If the whole Voxie party is knocked out during a battle, the player will lose the encounter and not be eligible to receive any rewards at the end. There are also several other instant loss conditions for battle maps, such as:

  • Certain key characters on your team (or map NPCs) are knocked out.

  • The victory objective was not completed within a certain number of turns.

  • The enemy team was not stopped from completing a certain action or objective.

If a player is unsuccessful during a battle and loses the match, they will not receive any rewards at the end of the battle. However, they are free to attempt the battle again and come up with better tactics to overcome the battle challenge.

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