How to trade, buy and sell your various Voxie Tactics items

Voxie Tactics will have its own marketplace allowing players to safely and securely buy, sell, loan, trade and craft Voxie assets. This will be represented both through an in-game interface and a web interface on a traditional marketplace website.

Buying / Selling

Players will be able to buy and sell either in direct sales, private sales, or public timed auctions in our in-game marketplace. We feel that player ownership of items and a player-driven economy is paramount in the newest blockchain-powered games, and therefore we allow players the freedom to fully own, buy and sell their assets as they please.


Players will be able to trade Voxie NFTs, in-game items, weapon NFTs and virtual-only items such as consumables or crystals with other players.

AlwaysGeeky Games will use APIs of the most recent sales of the items and an average of the current prices of the items available to determine fee value.


Players will be able to loan their Voxie NFTs as well as their in-game weapons and items to other players, for a fee. They will be able to set the NFTs they want to loan, the loan duration and the loan fee type.

There will be 2 main loan functions to start:

  • Loaner charges an upfront fee to the Loanee.

  • Loaner charges a % of the VOXEL Tokens earned over the duration of the loan.


Crafting will be used to make create new NFT weapons and items by combining elements and parts of existing items. The purpose of crafting is to allow players to combine their owned assets to create more powerful and better versions of the weapons they already own. Crafting will work by allowing the player to combine elements, materials and base items/weapons, thereby creating new enhanced versions with better damage types, elemental properties and/or new abilities.

See more details in the Crafting page of this whitepaper

Class Changes

Changing a Voxie's class will take place by speaking to the corresponding "trainer" in game, or by visiting the marketplace. For more details about class changing functionality, please consult the Switching Classes section.

Revenue from the Marketplace

AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. will be charging the following transaction fees in its marketplace.

  • Buying / Selling – 4% fee of the transaction sale

  • Loaning

    • Option 1: Loanee pays loaner a fee up front – 4% of the transaction cost

    • Option 2: Loanee pays a % of VOXEL Tokens earned to loaner during the duration of the loan – 4% of the token earned

  • Trading – 4% of the trade value

We will be using an average of the latest comparable sales and the current floor price using API calls to determine the correct fee.

  • Crafting or "Minting" new, next-generation Voxie NFTs: No fee (requires crystals).

  • Revenue from The Arena (Draft Mode) will be a flat fee for entry and will be announced before the start of each season.

  • Revenue from class changes: Flat fee (TBD).

Fee Distribution Breakdown

All fees outlined above will be moved into the treasury smart contracts and redirected into the following areas with 60% of the in-game fees going back to the player economy.

Fee Breakdown:

Percentage of FeesArea of the Business


Replenishing Exploration Rewards


Replenishing PVP Arena Rewards


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