In-Game Stats

Important numbers behind the scenes

Voxie Tactics contains many statistics and numbers affecting gameplay. These stats are important to core gameplay mechanics. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how these statistics affect the different aspects of the game to be effective during battles.

Each Voxie possesses "base stats", which can be boosted by leveling up your Voxie, and also by equipping different weapons and armor in the game. For example, if a Voxie equips a powerful sword, this may increase their strength stat, allowing them to do more damage when attacking.

Below is a brief rundown of each statistic in the game, along with indications of how these affect gameplay.


Strength is used as the main statistic for figuring how much damage will be applied upon attacking. This affects melee attacks, ranged attacks, or any physical skills (for example, the Ranger’s charge attacks, or the Samurai’s spin attack).

A number of classes in Voxie Tactics rely heavily on Strength as their main stat, such as:

  • Warrior

  • Knight

  • Robo

  • Monster


Dexterity is an indication of how flexible and versatile your Voxie is in combat. This can be very useful for classes that rely on precision and strategic advantages in battle, over pure strength. Dexterity is used to figure out the general hit chance and critical hit rates of attacks. It is also used for evasion and dodge calculations.

Classes that use Dexterity as their main stat include:

  • Ranger

  • Hawknight

  • Samurai

  • Ninja


Intelligence is a measure of how wise the Voxie is. It is used in game to calculate the damage of magical attacks and other magic-based skills (for example, the Samurai’s Spirit Slash).

Most mages rely on Intelligence as their main stat, but some other classes also require high intelligence, such as:

  • Druid

  • Priest

  • Black Mage

  • Necromancer

  • Chemist


Luck is stat that dictates how fortunate a Voxie is. Luck can affect multiple different aspects of the game, both in Exploration mode and during battles. For example, a Voxie with high luck may land more critical attacks despite having a lower-than-average dexterity (luck is an additional modifier to critical hits, outside of the base value from dexterity), or even find more rewards in Voxie Tactics.

Luck is also the main stat used on some classes, such as:

  • Pirate

  • Bard

  • Thief


Armor is an important statistic which keeps Voxies safe and sound during combat. All Voxies have some degree of armor, mostly augmented by equipping armor items such as a Mage's Robes or a Knight's Shield. Essentially, having a higher armor value is critical in reducing the amount of damage a Voxie will take when attacked by enemies.

Health and Magic

Every Voxie has a base amount of health and magic in Voxie Tactics (HP and MP). Health is used to indicate the life of a Voxie, while magic is used as an energy meter, utilized to cast spells or use skills and abilities. Not all Voxies use magic and their energy meter is different for various classes. Here is a rundown of the different energy meters for different classes:

  • Mages (Black Mage, Priest, etc.) – MP

  • Warrior, Monster – Rage

  • Thief, Ninja – Combo Points

  • Knight – Honor

  • Samurai – Focus

  • Robo – Charge

Different classes have different ways to recharge their skill meter, from drinking an ether potion to restore MP, to Robos having to power down to recharge.

Knocked Out

Once a Voxie's health reaches 0 during battle, they are knocked out and will not be able to move or take any actions, unless they are raised (resurrected) by an ally during battle. If any knocked-out Voxie is unconscious for a certain number of turns, they are removed from the battle permanently. This can be seen in the form of a countdown timer above the knocked-out Voxie.

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