Creating new items using your player owned Voxie Tactics items

NOTE: Crafting is coming in a future update to Voxie Tactics and will not be available in the initial 1.0 release.

NOTE: Crafting is still being designed and lots of details and specifics are under review and subject to change.

Crafting in Voxie Tactics will consist of combining elemental materials with items or weapons, and also combining with a special item called Crystals to create a new enhanced NFT weapon or item, with new damage types, elemental effects and/or abilities.


Crystals are the fuel required to complete any infusion or crafting resulting in a newly minted weapon, item or Voxie (see Recruiting New Voxies). Crystals Shards can only be created through destroying items, weapons or elements in the game. Doing so will result in the player acquiring a certain amount of crystals shards depending on the item destroyed and it's properties (rarity, weapon class, power, etc.).

Crystal Shards will be a virtual commodities only and will be the same rarity tier as the weapon/item that was destroyed. Once the player has acquired enough crystal shards, they will be able to combine a certain number of them to produce a Crystal, that can be used for crafting.

The Crystal that is created when combining crystal shards will be represented by an NFT item that the player can then sell and/or trade on the open Marketplace.

Crafting Example: A player wants to infuse fire damage into a rare tier Cutlass Sword weapon, to infuse it with a fire elemental attack. To do this a player will require 3 things:

  • A Cutlass Sword weapon

  • An Ember Stone elemental item

  • A crafting Crystal

One the player possesses these items, they can see the in-game blacksmith (or use the browser marketplace) to combine these items and burn the consumables to create (mint) a new cutlass weapon NFT that has the fire elemental attack.

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