Companion Pets

Collectible pets in Voxie Tactics

In addition to representing a fun collectible challenge for players in Voxie Tactics, companion pets also provide benefits to gameplay, both in Exploration mode and also during battles.

There are currently 20 companion pets in Voxie Tactics. These can be acquired in two different ways: first, by having a pet directly attached to a Voxie NFT character; or second, by finding pets directly in Voxie Tactics during gameplay.

Note: There are some exceptional pets in addition to the standard 20, such as the special edition Giraffe Pet or the Golden Pet reward for collecting all pets in the game.

Each companion pet will have one unique exploration ability and one unique in-battle ability to assist the player in a variety of circumstances. You can read about all the different pets on the Voxies website:

Each Voxie can take a companion into battle with them, assuming the player has acquired enough companion pets for all Voxies in the party. Companion pets are limited to the number of characters in a battle; meaning that if there are 3 party members in a battle, each of them can equip a single companion pet to aid them.

Every companion pet acquired by the player can be used by any Voxie in the party roster menu, and must be assigned ahead of battle. Players will not need to include the Voxie NFT that contains the companion itself in the party during a battle to utilize a specific companion. The companion pet simply needs to be equipped ahead of the fight to another character that will be used in battle.

Note: Unlike equipment, Voxies cannot change their companion pets in the middle of a battle. Whichever pet a Voxie decided to take with them into battle must remain with them for the full battle.

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