The Arena (Draft Mode)

The Arena will be made up entirely of free to play stock Voxie characters (12 characters of varying races and classes mixtures) and 24 weapons and items per 'season' which will last between 2-3 months depending on the season. All battles will consist of 3 Voxies versus 3 Voxies with the players battling until all Voxies for one team have been downed and a winner is declared.

In order to enter the Arena the players will pay a VOXEL Token fee where they will have 3 'lives' before being eliminated. The player’s goal is to get as many wins as possible before being eliminated from the Arena to get the highest reward tier they can get during a season.

There will be 5 ranking tiers within the Arena and each tier will have a higher reward output then previous (mix of VOXEL Tokens and NFT weapons and items).

Once a player is eliminated they are able to go back into the arena and start the process again at 0 wins in the current tier they ended by paying to VOXEL Tokens to enter the arena again. With the exception being if they reach Tier 5 in which case they will stay in tier 5 and not be eliminated for the remainder of the season. They will take their highest ranking per season as their reward.

The Arena ranking tiers will be set up in the following manner (the tiers are subject to change each seasons at AlwaysGeeky Games digression):

Seasonal Arena Reward Tiers:

  • Tier 0 - Less than 5 wins without being eliminated.

  • Tier 1 - 5 wins without being eliminated.

  • Tier 2 - 10 wins without being eliminated.

  • Tier 3 - 15 wins without being eliminated.

  • Tier 4 - 25 wins without being eliminated.

  • Tier 5 - 40 wins without being eliminated.

  • Within Tier 5 - Top 100 ELO scores during the season will be on individual ladder.

Once a player reaches the Tier 5 they will stay in that tier for the remainder of that season and battle other players within that tier on an individual ranking ladder that will either be ranked for top 100 (subject to change depending on total pool of Arena participants) with each ladder ranking in Tier 5 having a slightly higher reward value. Rewards will consist of VOXEL tokens, in-game items, weapons and maybe a few more surprises.

There will be 12 stock Voxie Characters and 24 weapons / items in the Arena available to players to choose from. However a player will only be able to select a subset of the total list at random for this entry into the arena.

The player will be presented with a random selection of half the Voxie characters (6) and half of the items (12) from the total list and they will need to select 3 Voxie characters and 6 items to make up their party for the Arena entry.

The player will use this party for the duration of their time in the Arena until they are eliminated. They will also be given the option after each match to lose one of their lives to 'reroll' the character and weapon options. This would give them another 6 random stock characters and 12 random stock weapons to select a new party. The goal of this is so that Voxie Tactics players get skilled at using a variety of party makeups and character class types instead of focusing on a single 'meta build'.

At the end of each season the Voxie characters and items will be refreshed by the AlwaysGeeky Games team with new Voxie characters and weapon/item combinations.

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