Recruiting New Voxies

Creating new Voxies for future generations of players

NOTE: Recruiting is coming in a future update to Voxie Tactics and will not be available in the initial 1.0 release.

NOTE: Recruiting is still being heavily designed and iterated upon. Lots of details and specifics about the different generations of Voxies are under review and subject to change.

The original 10,000 genesis Voxies can be used to "recruit" (i.e., mint or create) the next generation of Voxie NFTs. In order to create a next generation Voxie NFT, a player will need Crystals and a very rare item known as a Catalyst Stone.

Note: Only original genesis Voxies are able to recruit new Voxies. Recruited Voxies cannot further recruit new generations of Voxies.

Minting Process

The following criteria will determine the different traits and aspects of next generation Voxie:

  • Race: The genesis Voxie NFT's race will affect the next generation Voxie NFT's race by giving a bonus in RNG to the race of the Voxie used to operate the minting.

  • Class: The Catalyst Stone type will determine the class (see below).

  • Rarity: The type of Crystal will determine rarity, based on RNG. A rare Crystal has the chance to create a common next gen Voxie NFT, an uncommon next gen Voxie NFT and a rare next gen Voxie NFT based on a weighted average (RNG rates TBD).

  • Ghost Ability: 2.23% chance for a next generation Voxie NFT to receive the Ghost ability.

  • Companion Pet: 19.49% chance of a next generation Voxie NFT to receive a companion pet.

  • Stats, Other Physical Traits and Items: Will match the percentage of the genesis Voxies and be distributed at random at that RNG rate.

Catalyst Stones

Catalyst Stones will be elemental NFT items that are very rare and hard to come by in the game, to be used for the sole purpose of recruiting new Voxies. Since Catalyst Stones are represented as an NFT item, players will be able to sell or trade these will other players in the marketplace.

The Catalyst Stones are split into the following categories:

Magic Catalyst Stone

  • Black Mage

  • White Mage

  • Necromancer

  • Priest

  • Time Mage

  • Chemist

Power Catalyst Stone

  • Warrior

  • Squire

  • Knight

  • Samurai

  • Pirate

  • Ninja

  • Monster

Agility Catalyst Stone

  • Hawknight

  • Thief

  • Bard

  • Druid

  • Ranger

  • Robo

  • Monk

When a player owns a stone from one of these categories, they are eligible to mint one next generation Voxie NFT, IF they also have a genesis Voxie NFT AND in-game Crystals. The type of Catalyst Stone will determine the class of the next generation Voxie based on RNG.

During the recruiting process (minting), the Crystals and Catalyst Stone will be used up (burned), while the original genesis Voxie will remain in the possession of the owner.

The Voxie's race will determine which race the next generation Voxie is minted as, based on a weighted RNG table. The crystal rarity tier will determine the rarity of the next generation Voxie NFT.

Example: A player has a genesis Voxie from the Fox race, and wants to use it to “mint” a new, next generation Voxie. The player combines in-game crystals with a Magic Catalyst Stone, resulting in the following outcome: a new, next generation Voxie with a class taken from the classes listed under the Magic Catalyst Stones category (Mages, Necromancer, Chemist, etc.).

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